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HEMP AROUND THE WORLD AUSTRALIA While hemp is currently banned, government officials have permitted one farmer to grow the crop on a small-scale research plot. Public support for hemp farming is gathering. An informative one-hour Australian TV documentary, The Billion-Dollar Crop, is available on video. The Tasmanian Hemp Company is campaigning for the legalization of hemp in the state of Tasmania, and the Northern Tasmanian Pulp and Paper Mill is researching possible uses of hemp …

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…prices down. Only when the hemp ban is lifted will large quantities of industrial hemp be available domestically, eliminating the high transportation costs of imported hemp goods. Last November, Kentucky Governor Brereton Jones appointed a task force to evaluate the feasibility of tobacco farmers growing hemp. And, in January, the Hemp Production Act of 1995 was introduced in the Colorado legislature (it lost). These are hopeful signs that state governments are starting to recognize hemp's potential.