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Pursuit of Happiness Every man’s goals and ambitions for the future vary from one to the next, yet all share a common bond, all hope for their own personal happiness. For Hedda Gabler, happiness may be achieved by and only by controlling the immediate environment around her. Therefore, Hedda, to ensure this somewhat demented happiness, must continuously strive for complete control and domination of the people and objects closest to her. To quench this …

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…dominates the life of their parent. A parent must always sacrifice for their child, and herein lies Hedda’s dilemma: she refuses to be at someone’s beck and call. Moreover, Hedda finds the act of impregnation itself humiliating. After all, it is the male who impregnates the woman. To become pregnant would force Hedda to give up too much, and it is in turn this reluctancy which causes her to take her own life.