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Courtney Jane Brown THTR-DSTP Hedda Gabler Ibsen once said, "Find out who you are and become that person," because, "To realize yourself is the highest goal a person can attain." Self realization was Ibsen's super-objective. To find self-realization was the main theme of his play Hedda Gabler. Hedda, Tesman, and Thea, all live their lives through others, therefore never reaching self-realization. Their deficiencies entail cowardice, lack of imagination and validation. They make up for it …

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…himself, Tesman and Thea go to work on Lovborg unfinished book. No one seems to know who they are in this play they define themselves through other people. Hedda felt that if she killed herself it would be an act of courage but it only underlines her cowardice. Thea and Tesman are satisfied with working off each other. In the end, when they finish the book together, their work will leave them understanding themselves better.