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Part I In the novel, Second Class Citizen, the main character, Adah, is a strong, Nigerian women who faces sexism from within her own culture since she was born. She explains, “She was a girl who had arrived when everyone was expecting and predicting a boy... She was so insignificant” (Emecheta 7). In the Ibo culture that Adah grew up in, being a girl was looked down upon. Giving birth to a boy was a major …

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…keeping her in the dark, Marlow leaves her in her fantasy world where she will never realize she is more that someone’s possession, she is an individual. Through the objectification of women in the Heart of Darkness, the true nature of imperialism as displayed in Kurtz is never revealed to the world. Just as Marlow will not recognize the views of women as individuals, the world will never recognize the true nature of imperialism.