He Let Her Go An essay on Evelyn Lau

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He Let Her Go: An essay on Evelyn Lau Evelyn Lau is an author with which I can identify with. Her lack of humility gives rise to self-awareness. She does not hide under a mask of sorrow, she simply puts into words how she reacts and feels towards her lifeís struggles. She does not convey a deep sense of hostility or arrogance, but merely addresses the conflicts through out her life with a graceful, …

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…She will not face her father to this day, allowing regret, guilt, and anger to build inside of her (2). Evelyn had reason to feel suppressed by her parents, but as a rising star one mustnít succumb to the idea that oneís past is fiction in oneís novel. And she has yet to reach that pinnacle of understanding. Bibliography Detail: An Interview with Author Evelyn Lau By: Oana Avasilichioaei http:/www.vancouverstule.com