Haydn and Eszterhaza

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"Not only did I have the encouragement of constant approval, but as the conductor of the orchestra I could experiment, find out what made a good effect and what weakened it, so I was free to alter, improve, add or omit and be as bold as I pleased. Cut off from the rest of the world I had no one to bother me and I was forced to become original." The above quote was said …

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…a significant amount of works that he will always be remembered for. After examining the evidence given in this paper it becomes evident that Haydn's time with Prince Nicolaus contributed greatly to the development of his musical style and his success afterwards. . Bibliography Bibliography Landon, H.C. Robbins, Haydn, (New York: Praeger Publishers) 1972. Landon, H.C. Robbins, Haydn, His Life and Music, (Indianapolis: Indiana University Press) 1988. Temperley, Nicholas, Haydn, The Creation, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) 1991