Hawthorne and Symbolism

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Hawthorne and Symbolism Symbolism is a key in all or most writings. Symbolism is what the reader needs in order to use his imagination. In "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, through different symbolism, Hawthorne writes about a man who in his coming of age. This man is Goodman Brown and he learns that there is a darkness in everyone and upon this coming of knowledge, his life is change forever. First of all, Hawthorne …

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…husband with bright hopes and a wife whom he loves to a tired, beaten, questioning and almost faithless man. Hawthorne uses symbolism to write a story that is open to explanation. There are many times in the story when he is questioning his faith by listing the examples of religious violation by his peers. For all this, it is a wonder Hawthorne was not eaten by the despair and guilt he lets Goodman Brown feel.