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Natty Bumppo is the main protagonist in James Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans. Natty Bumppo is a well known "palefaced" woodsmen among the Tribes and European armies throughout the colonial state of New York. Hawkeye, as his friends call him, is also known as The Scout and La Long Carabine by his enemies. He is extremely skilled with his rifle and has profuse knowledge of the wildness, but is still aspiring to reach the …

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…Mohicans, only pushes him further into this love for the untainted, unbridled natural surroundings. Natty Bumppo is the very closest a man can come to nature, without being a true Indian in blood. His heroic deeds, emotion more intimate than the deepest love, and talent, that has far exceeded that of any other whiteman. The deeper than love bond Hawkeye shares with the Mohicans, and unrelenting fondness for the wilderness puts him where he belongs.