Happily Ever After

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Happily Ever After? People say when you marry someone you donít just marry that one person, but you marry that personís whole family. Every family has its dysfunctionís. Every family has members that are often times difficult to deal with, but thatís what family is all about; sticking together and loving one another, despite what differences or opposing forces may exist. In Liarís Club, Mary Carrís Grandma didnít …

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…day by day in a blur of alcohol, holding in her anger, her pain, and her sadness, occasionally pausing to vent a drunken rage at her familyís support and love. Charlie severed herself from Mary, Lecia, and most of all Pete. This ultimately led to Charlie and Peteís divorce. Finalizing her divorce to Pete Charlie, perhaps unknowingly, accomplished what Grandma had wished would happen from day one. Bibliography "The Liars Club"-Mary Carr