Handmaid's Tale Loss of Identity

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Offred’s Lost of Identity The main character of this book is Offred, one of the faceless many of the new Republic of Gilead. Each day she is removed farther and farther from her true self, to a complete no one. Expected to feel nothing, think nothing, and want nothing, she is used only as an instrument to bear children. Throughout the book, the narrator often speaks with a numbed tone despite all the horrifying …

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…ceremony, she retreats to her room to “lie flat, like a buttered piece of toast”. All in all, the narrator is a fascinating character, whom we do not want to see get lost under the overwhelming odds. She realizes that she is no longer recognized as an individual anymore, but quietly rebels. However, the unfortunate reality is that she must choose between dying, or eventually assimilating into the quiet and compliant role of a handmaid.