Hamlets Unstableness

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Hamlets Unstableness To the commoner, William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Hamlet, is a simple tragedy. In this assumption, most people are correct for in its simplest form, Hamlet is a tale about a middle aged prince who seeks revenge for his father’s murder but in the process ends up being killed himself. To the learned reader, however, Hamlet, and its main character, Hamlet, are more complex than just a simple tragedy. In the play, we …

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…to lose his job after 15 years of service. Killing people has been a form of revenge for centuries and will probably never change. This is the same situation as Hamlet. Hamlet lost his father and he snapped. The end result was his death along with five others. Many view Hamlet as a tragedy. While this may be correct, I hope that they realize the real world is the tragedy, not Hamlet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** N/A