Hamlet and Laertes as revengers!

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HAMLET AND LAERTES THE REVENGERS! Revenge is a major theme developed throughout William Shakespeare?s tragic play, Hamlet. Even though there are many deaths in the play, the murder of King Hamlet and Polonius are the most important. Since both of these men were fathers, it was customary and honourable during the Elizabethan times for their sons to avenge their deaths. Hamlet, son of the late King Hamlet, and Laertes, son of Polonius, are confronted …

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…a clandestine matter, which allowed him to take his time because no one knew. In the end both men take revenge; there is a feeling that Laertes does not take revenge honestly, which leaves him to die without honouring his father. Hamlet on the other hand fulfills his need to confront his father?s murder because he denounces the king and reveals the truth. The state of Denmark can be repaired after Hamlets noble action.