Hamlet Criticism

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In “Hamlet”; Literary Remains, Samuel Taylor Coleridge describes Hamlet as an intricate planner who’s thought process is slow and methodical. He describes Hamlet as someone having “Supercilious activities…of the mind, which, unseated from its healthy relation, is constantly occupied with the world within, and abstracted from the world without…throwing a mist over all common-place actualities.” Cooleridge is explaining the fact that Hamlet seems to always be in his own fantasy world when …

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…One minute the audience believes that he cares greatly for Ophelia, and the next minute we see him showing a sort of disrespect for her at her funeral. Overall, though, Cooleridge shows the flaws of Hamlet and how the play differs from other forms of Tragedy. This essay, however, also stresses the uniqueness of the play through the intriguing character of Hamlet, and that is what separates it from the other plays of its genre.