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Is Hamlet Mad? Is Hamlet mad or sane, and if he is mad, was Polonius accurate in saying that there was a “method to his madness” In Hamlet, there is two characters who fit a mad description, one truly mad, and one only acting mad to serve a plot. Ophelia and Hamlet, with argument to the other’s madness or sanity, Hamlet’s character offers more evidence, while Operlia’s breakdown is quick, but more …

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…decision-making in efforts to resolve their situations. Hamlet has a motive behind leading others to believe he are insane. Although he is under severe pressure and emotional strain due to his situation in the play, he shows a great amount of intelligent, conscious, and rational decision-making in efforts to resolve their situations. Thus, the argument that Hamlet is truly mad conflicts with his ability to act rationally and defuses Ophelia as example of true insanity.