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Roberto Santos Journal III Hamlet “Hamlet’s Unknown Madness” The marriage of the king and queen within two months of the death of Hamlet’s father had left Hamlet disillusioned, confused, and suspicious of Claudius, the King of Denmark. In Act I, Scene V, Hamlet’s belief in his father’s “real ghost” had him in an outrage and, he thus vows to avenge his father’s death. Ophelia encountered Hamlet in her private chambers …

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…upon him with his supernatural observation of the ghost of his father leads to his death. Furthermore, toward the end of the play, I get a clear understanding that he had fulfilled the revenge of his father. From the unwary death of Ophelia, the poison drink that took Gertrude’s life, the vengeful dual of death between Laertes and Hamlet, we see Hamlet’s unknown madness of revenge when Hamlet kills the king of Denmark.