Halloween A Groundbreaking Film

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Halloween: A Groundbreaking Film Halloween was, and still is, a classic horror movie for three simple reasons: originality, flattery, and durability.Upon its release in 1978, Halloween set a new standard for horror movies, proving that it was possible to create genuine chills without excessive amounts of blood, overpaid actors, or a gigantic budget. Using innovative camera work, shadows, and creepy music, a new monster materialized. They took one of mankind's most primal fears, the mythical …

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…be scary for many, many years to come. This type of impeccably constructed motion picture burrows deep into our psyche and connects with the dark, hidden terrors that lurk within. Halloween is not a perfect movie, but no recent horror film has attained this magnitude. Likewise, John Carpenter has never come close to recapturing Halloween's artistic or commercial success, though he has tried many times. Halloween remains untouched-a modern classic of the most horrific kind.