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As President Clinton stated on the eve of the U.S.-led intervention in 1994, "U.S. involvement was based on the need to protect our interests, to stop the brutal atrocities that threaten. . .Haitians; to secure our borders and to preserve stability and promote democracy in our hemisphere." Background History of US Intervention in Haiti -US Intervention 1915 was provoked by the murder and mutilation of a president - opposition to occupation led to an uprising …

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…are tasked with bringing the Haitian National Police (HNP) to levels of operational competence required before UN specialized agencies, including the UN Development Program (UNDP), can assume responsibility for further long-term institutional development. The remaining 140 CIVPOL are Argentine gendarmes who, as part of a special police unit (SPU), are on call to ensure the safety of CIVPOL from situations where HNP may not be able to do so. MIPONUH does not have a military element.