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Guatemala City As with all countries, certain and continuous political systems is unlikely. Instead a mixture of systems (capitalism, socialism, communism, and traditionalism) seem to be the overall control of a nation. Guatemala, a small country in South America, proves true to the before-mentioned statement. While it is not a mixture of all four systems, Guatemala does possess and adhere to Capitalism and Traditionalism. While small countries uphold historical values and culture, they also strive …

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…passageway to modern life. La Palma, is extremely proud of a soccer field which ultimately shows their attempt to modernize. Because major industry is impossible in these small cities, citizens still practice the age-old method of slash and burn agriculture. Therefore Guatemala is a prime example of Traditionalism and Capitalism intertwining and working together to produce a country constantly striving to modernize and urbanize but still keeping in touch with its history, culture, and past.