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The Great Wayne Gretzky BY: On April 18, 1999, the N.Y. Rangers played the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden. After playing 20 seasons of NHL hockey, Wayne Gretzky, played his final game that night. NHL officials, past and present players and coaches, friends, family and many fans were there at the ceremony supporting Gretzky. The best player Gretzky says he ever played against, Mario Lemieux, and one of Gretzky's best friends, Mark Messier, were both there …

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…game, and Gretzky's caree! r by scoring. This left the game 2-1, Penguins. After the game, the Rangers and Penguins all shook hands with Gretzky and beat their sticks against the ice as a sign of respect to him. The crowd went crazy, making him come out again at least 3 times. Gretzky skated all around the rink, waving to and shaking hands with fans everywhere. Hockey fans around the world will miss him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**