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The date is 1958, location Cyprus.The air is filled with the aroma of gun-powder and bloodshed, the grounds covered with bullet-shells and deceased bodies. The on-going struggle for liberation from British domination continues for every cypriot living in Cyprus at around this time. This story Gregory by Panos Ionnides is the direct result of Ionnides' first-hand experience as a soldier during the war when he and a former cypriot, Guerilla, were guarding a british soldier. …

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…bit of betrayl. This doesn't mean to say that I didn't honor my friend or vice-versa, he/she doesn't honor me because it was clear that the was lots of honor involved. Mucht too intense or personal to even describe here in this response. The point is, I think everyone can relate to this story by some means. Whether it be through honor or betrayl, this story is "the perfect stencil" of an honorable friendship.