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Brian K. Aviles History 14 - Professor Barbara M. Kelly Term Assignment - Part III “War” of The Media As I thought about my question, “What role does the media play, in war?”; I wondered how the best way to present this topic. One book that I read to help get a feel of the meaning of the Vietnam conflict was “The Green Berets”, by Robin Moore. The more and more I read this book, I …

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…must obtain as much information as possible and then make an educated response to a given situation. We should not rely on what we merely see on the news. Nor should we rely on the views of others but, we as a society should let our views be heard. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Denton Jr., Robert E. The Media And The Persian Gulf War. Westport, Connecticut: Preager,1993. 2.Moore, Robin. The Green Berets. New York, New York: Crown Publishers, 1965.