Greek Tragedies

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In consideration of the plays we discussed in class, the dramatic contents of each play reflect and develop a category of it's own. Some that deal with comedies, morality, and other's with, tragedies, whichever the case maybe each play has its unique style and theme. A Midsummer Night's Dream I believe is unusual among Shakespeare's plays, since it is lacking a written source for its plot. The wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta was described in …

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…as superior to any other. But however revealing the senses are, their testimony stands mute in the face of "reason," which distinguishes a "real" or "true" world over against the apparent. Each of the seven plays separate into categories and connects as a superior to drama in the above aspects. Which makes them a form of art, and enhances me to believe it fulfills its specific function as a comedy, morality or a tragic play.