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Greece Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, taking up most of the Balkan Peninsula and has over 2,000 islands. It is bordered by Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria to the north; Turkey to the east, and mostly surrounded by water. Athens is the largest and capital city in Greece. Geography- Physical Characteristics- Greece is commonly visited by tourists because of its natural beauty. It is very mountainous, almost four-fifths of it is mountains. One of the …

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…like to visit this place because it definitely has a lot of beautiful things to see, like the natural mountainous background and the ancien Minoan ruins. BIBLIOGRAPHY Baxevanis, John J., "Greece". World Book Online., Dec 6, 1999. Culturgram 92, Greece. Brigham Young University, 1992. DuBois, Jill. Greece. New York City: Marshall Cavendish, 1995, pp.37-44. Halsey, William D., "Crete". Merit Students Encyclopedia. Vol. 5. Halsey, William D., "Greece". Merit Students Encyclopedia. Vol. 8.