Great Zimbabwe

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GREAT ZIMBABWE This article which I have chosen to read, is about a ruined city of southeast Zimbabwe south of Harare. Great Zimbabwe is an ancient city on the plateau in sub-Saharan Africa. Great Zimbabwe was supposedly a city that controlled much trade and culture of southern Africa during the 12th and 17th centuries because it was stationed on the shortest route between the northern gold fields, and the Indian Ocean. Archaeologists believed that this …

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…Zimbabwe were imprisoned and some were even deported. In addition, Rhodesian Front also prohibits locals to use Great Zimbabwe for any ceremonies. Today, people are now finally able to get information about Great Zimbabwe. Though there’re still some difficulty studying these ruins, because of past “mistakes” people have had made. And, that sub-Saharan countries are not really wealthy to spend much money on archaeology. But, archaeologists will reclaim the cultural clue that has survived.