Great Expectations portrays injustices of British class system

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Dickens' provides the reader with scathing insight into the social standard of this time/era. How successful is Dickens in portraying the injustices of social class? " In England the social fences, if left alone, grow like wild hedges." -D.W. Brogan The class system in England began with the introduction of feudalism which followed the Norman Conquest of 1066 and has been the social guideline for hundreds of years. The class system consists of an upper, …

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…relationships, resentment and indignation between the classes is evident through the interactions of the characters in Great Expectations. These characters represent each social class in England and the defining characteristics of the classes. Despite the ill feelings between classes, at the conclusion of the book we learn that success can be achieved on different levels, regardless of social stature and class. Dickens's valiant message is one of hope for a future of greater social equality.