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One of the essentials for human fulfillment is a mastery within and outside of oneself. This mastery is that of a secure emotional state. Many believe in order to fulfill this mastery, one must search for his/her true love. Some may experience the pain of the search; some may experience the joy of discovery. In the book "Great Expectations," Pip experiences this pain as he searches for Estella and this joy as he reunites …

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…This was where he belonged. These are the people whom he truly loved and the people who truly loved him. Love is an unexplainable phenomenon and it may bring upon happiness or sadness, but it is for us to decide. It is us who are obligated to understand it as only we know it. Love is different for all of us, which makes it so special. "Love is created within. Find it…Share it…"(Sclossberg 1)