Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Notes Chapter 1 Setting: early in the 1800s; Churchyard in tiny village east of London  Joe Gargey and her husband in the Marshes.  His parents died Pip- Phillip Pirrap- main character- 7 years old- Lives w/ sister Mrs. when he was younger  One time while visiting his parents grave he meets a strange man- He asks Pip to get him a file and some writtles (food). Chapter 2 Setting: At home; We meet Joe Gargery, the …

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…and Joe and Pipís plan to leave England  When he arrives he finds out itís the wedding day of Joe and Biddy  He is happy and thinks they go good together Chapter 40 Setting: Home again: 11 years later; a new pip, a new Estella * Joe paid off Pipís debts for him  Pip visits Satis House and walks in the garden together  Estella is widowed and the 2 decide the will not have another parting