Gray Race

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Gray Race A lot of people today are prejudice. Most think of this as being racist. In addition, it's making decisions on the basis of age, gender, or other features not facts. People who are prejudice can lower others self-esteem, cause discrimination, and it can lead to violence. Prejudice lowers self esteem and hurts people mentally. Can you imagine being handicapped or having a disability? Now try to imagine applying for a job or being …

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…people get upset and hurt, which leads to violence. This can lead to riots, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and inequality. People need to overcome prejudice, not only here, but also all around the world. We had to be taught to be prejudice, we need to teach to how to love, respect one another and live together. Until then people who are prejudice will continue to be blind and ignorant towards people who are not like them.