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Windows to the Soul Many Characters in the novel Grand Avenue, by Greg Sarris, are wearing masks. Masks that conceal themselves and their culture in an attempt to fit into the world that has enveloped their history and stifled their heritage. The key to these masks is the eyes. The eyes of the characters in the novel tell stories. The dispair of the Native Americans is first shown in The Magic Pony when Jasmine, the …

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…p.222) With all of the atrocities seen by the Native Americans, their lands raped and people systematically decimated by war and decease, it is no wonder that the Author uses his charactersí eyes to the reader the dispair felt by them. But the high note, the glimmer of hope that the novel ends on, shows that through traditions such as storytelling, basketweaving, and songs, the Native Americans can regain their pride and honor their heritage.