Gone With The Wind, A classification essay.

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A Great Movie         Gone With the Wind is a wonderful movie its story line is spectacular and easy to follow. The characters really bring the movie to life and make you actually feel as if you are there with them. It's setting is absolutely gorgeous. I.)         Story line         A.) A an impossible love         B.) A girl having to grow up         C.) The war to end slavery II.)         Characters         A.) Scarlet         B.) Ashley         C.) Melanie         D.) …

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…beautiful home for her and her husband rhett. After rhett left her she return home to Tara once again.         Overall, this movie had a very big impact on how much better our lives are today compared to how they were then. It was an emotional movie and very heartfelt. I think that this movie was really worth watching again and again. It really is one of the best movies ever made from that time period.