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Gladiators are people who fought to the death, to entertain roman's they called it the blood sport. A gladiator battle would be for funerals as a sacrifice, but then they fought for the fun. Rome was called the mob because of the blood sport. The first gladiator game was in 256 B.C., for Junius Brutus Pera in their families honor after he had died. Gladiator games were one of the most popular days of the …

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…you ever even tried to escape they would brand a mark on your forehead, the mark would say the owner's name and that you were a "runaway" slave. Some of the different gladiators name are Andabatus, Essedarius, Retarius, Myrmillio, Thracian, Samnite, Dimachareius, Laquerius, Secutor, and Velitus. They were all different types of gladiators too, they had different weapons and armor, some didn't have armor. They picked the weapon and armor that best suited that person.