Giordano Bruno Vs Piggy

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Benjamin Barcelona Piggy & Giordano Bruno From the dawn of humanity, to the eras of medieval and renaissance, all the way our current modern society, and even to the yet to be experiences distant future humanity has always had problems with one natural event...change. In late 16th century, there was an Italian philosopher by the name of Giordano Bruno who was trying to bring about change in his time’s thinking and beliefs, but naturally, …

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…as racism, discrimination, and abuse of power. Bibliography Bibliography of Works Cited/Bibliography of Works Consulted Bruno, Giordano. De La Causa, Principio, et Uno Golding, William. Lord Of The Flies, 1954 Harrison, Paul. Giordano Bruno - pantheist martyr. Kessler, John. Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher Van Helden, Albert. Giordano Bruno: (1548-1600), 1995. No author ( Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), 1996. *Note: All works cited were also all works consulted.