George Eliot History and Style

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One of the most astounding facts about George Eliot is that “he” is actually a woman, whose real name is Marian Evans. She was born during the era of Victorian literature, and she grew up with a wide variety of people, including her family, who have all played an influential role in her life. Besides people and her family, her love life was also a very influential factor in her style of writing and the …

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…works, which she would later write about the negative affects of religion, the complete opposite of what her father and Lewis had taught her (Scribner’s 1). When Eliot’s mother died when she was sixteen, Lewis acted as a mother figure to Eliot, and thus Lewis’s views in life were reflected into her Victorian style and works. While attending school in Coventry, Eliot met a married couple, the Brays, “who were to be lo