Genetic Engineering

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Since the first studies and manipulations of Mendel and his laws of "heredity", a good deal of research has been done on what every living organism is composed of. In 1951, three scientists discovered the key factor of this research: deoxyribonucleic acids, or DNA. This is the material which carries the hereditary instructions (the "blueprint") which determines the formation of all living organisms. Genes, the organizers of inheritance, are composed of DNA. Several years ago this …

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…is supposed to give us cheaper food, it exposes us to risks of allergy. But the benefits of genetic engineering on diseases are expected to be miraculous. Thus it is important to set a clear ethical limit, and this, in order to protect all societies around the world. The borders of genetic engineering must be strict but not too narrow because it remains the only trail for the eradication of many pains of our world.