Gender Roles and Conflicts Expressed in Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse".

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Gender Roles and Conflicts Expressed in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse Time and time again, gender-conflict has continued to be a focal issue. Since the beginning of time, this dilemma has been articulated through novels or other various forms of writing. It is now brought to the public's attention in forms such as the news, radio and the workplace. Habitually asked, are the age old questions of: "what is a man's place in society?", "what …

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…kids, or for the woman to work at a job and hold a very powerful position. This shows what leaps and bounds have been made in the past century. It will take a matter of time to overcome all stereotypical roles and rules that are present in society, but that world is not too far off in the distance partly due to stories such as To The Lighthouse, exposing the limitations imposed on young women.