Gender Roles.

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In learning sexuality, our gender roles are very critical. Our gender roles tell us what behavior is appropriate and it dictates what sexual impulses are appropriate or suitable. Our sexual impulses are organized through sexual scripts. By definition sexual scripts are "the acts, rules, and expectations associated with a particular role." (Strong, DeVault, Sayad, 208) a script can be compared to a blueprint or roadmap where it gives general directions in the form of a sketch. …

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…the media. Our scripts changed throughout our life, through relationships with partners as well as peers, media, and life experiences. Certain assumptions are made about others scripts through interactions, biases and the media. But to understand oneself and others, we must not rely on assumptions, but rather gain knowledge through learning, interaction, and following on what we truly believe in. Bryan Strong, Christian DeVault, Barbara W. Sayad The Marriage and Family Experience Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1998