Gather Ye Rosebuds

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It is a blessing to those who live today that over the year’s men and women have written poetry. In some poetry have been words reminding those who read it of the wonderful world in which they breathe and the necessity to live life. One of the writers of such poetry was Robert Herrick. Herrick used a lyrical style, unappreciated in his day, to write poetry that captured the very essence of carpe diem-to …

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…of Herrick remain a significant contribution to everyone who reads poetry. In his words are the reminders to seize the day and to notice the beauty in life-such as the flowers and the colors. By using a style of lyricism made potent by sharp visual imagery, Herrick was able to say a great deal about the wonderful world in which he lived and breathed. Bibliography “Times trans-shifting”:Herrick in Meditation by T.G.S. Cain