Gandhi and his effort to free India.

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The term satyagraha means "holding to the truth" or "truth force." Satyagraha became the means by which Gandhi struggled for equal political rights and did not harm or injure to their enemies. Gandhi insisted above all to follow nonviolence. "The force of truth, Gandhi felt, was not enough. The sword of satyagraha must be tempered with ahimsa or in other words, nonviolence. To the western world Gandhi held no real power by means of military …

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…largely a matter of his being at the right place at the right time to provide leadership for them, despite the vagueness and confusion of his own thought."(The Meanings of Gandhi Paul F. Power pg. 113) It was not for a few privileged people that Gandhi strove for and died for Gandhi devoted his life to the service of humanity. His mission not only served the masses of India but also the family of man.