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Mohunduras Ghandi: His Vital Role in India's Independence Mohunduras Ghandi was a man that the world thought could never exist. He believed strongly in all things that were good, and to him, there were no two ways about it. Leading the Indian people spiritually and morally, he inspired them to fight for Home Rule in which they achieved. He gave them courage to fight against Britain, and to work along side of the Muslims. The …

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…ready to accept India's separation. He was always at work, trying to make this scary world a better place to be. He did get his dream of an independent India because he was the striving force behind the whole thing. Works Cited Alexander, Horace. Gandhi Through Western Eyes. New York: Asia Publishing House, 1969. Brown, Judith M. Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope. New Haven and London: Yale University, 1989. Ghandi Dir. Richard Attenborough. With Ben Kingsley. Columbia Pictures, 1974.