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1 The Future of E-Commerce Future 2 THE FUTURE OF E-COMMERCE There are varying opinions regarding the future of e-commerce. Despite the fact that online sales are growing exponentially, some analysts believe that e-commerce is heading for a fall. Laurie Windham justifies her belief that as time goes on, sales will decrease instead of increasing. Windham believes that net consumers are very different than mall shoppers and catalog shoppers. Furthermore, she says that dot-coms are responsible for …

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…falling stock prices. Web sales are reaching a critical mass. Business Week, (3691), p. EB130. Kontzner, Tony. (2000, September). Will Holidays Be Jolly Days? -- E-retailers hope retaining customers will translate into profits. InternetWeek, p. 136. Menefee, Craig. (1998, March). Internet-based selling to boom in next two years; Third technology wave to have heavy influence on how normal business conducted, study claims. Computing Canada 24, p. 11. Rutledge, Keisha. (2000, February). On-line shopping a success despite holiday ditches. Discount Store News 39, p. 16.