From Dirt to Duchess

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How could a lowly flower girl make such a drastic change into a refined lady? She could not have possibly pulled it off herself; she would need help. Thus is the case in the play Pygmalion, by G.B. Shaw. The poor flower girl, Eliza, is turned into a "duchess," so to speak, by the other characters in the play. The characters responsible for the change in Eliza throughout the play were Henry Higgins, Mrs. …

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…her self-esteem , which pushed her over the hump and made her feel like a lady. All these characters, Higgins, Mrs. Pierce, and Pickering helped transform Eliza into the lady she had the potential to be. They didnít create something out of nothing; instead they unlocked the true nature of Eliza through different methods. Whether it be harsh teaching, good hygiene, or sheer kindness, all three did their part to transform Eliza into a lady.