Fried Green Tomatoes

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Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Café ďHER ORIGINAL NAME was Patricia NealĒ(Reynolds1), but the author of Fried Green Tomatoes is better known under the alias: Fannie Flagg. In the novel Fried Green Tomatoes she uniquely compares the modern day world to the world in the early and the middle 1900ís. As the novel shifts from the 1930ís to the 1980ís the significance of life is seen through two of the main characters, …

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…She didnít live her life to the fullest and regretted it until the day she died. Through these three people and their decisions and experiences it can be seen that happiness can not be experienced by living life the way someone else wants to live it. Living life with the expectations of anyone but oneself will lead not to happiness but to regret. Living life to its fullest brings happiness and is determined individually.