Fredric Remington

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Frederic Remington was born on October 4th 1861 to Seth and Clara Sackrider Remington in Canton, New York. During his time of birth in American history there were conflicts between the whites and the Indians over the plains. In August of 1873 Remington moves to Ogdensburg, New York. His father is appointed Collector of the Port. On September of 1875 he enrolls at Vermont Episcopal Institute, Burlington. He attends this institute for 3 years and this is where he …

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…is very unhealthy and over weight and he has a lot of health problems and on December 26 1909 He dies of peritonitis following emergency appendectomy. His pictures were usually of the old west and war and it gave people a good picture of what life was like back then. I really like his work because I like the cowboys and the war scenes he painted that is why I chose to do this report on him.