Franklin's preface to Poor Richard Improved, The Way To Wealth

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In Benjamin Franklinís preface to Poor Richard Improved, "The Way to Wealth", Franklin offers many adages to help the reader conserve money. Many of these sayings are common even today. The title of this preface makes since because the title, "The Way to Wealth", can be interpreted as The Road to Wealth. If the reader does as these adages tell them, he or she should be on their way to wealth. Franklin offers advice …

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…would suggest reading this preface to anyone who has problems with money. The sayings still hold true in todayís society. Many people think that there is no link between money and morality, but I disagree. Despite what anybody says, I think money brings happiness to people. It may not be a world of happiness, but it will bring some happiness. This happiness should help put a person on the road to being more virtuous.