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"The Real Monster" Through out the novel we are under the assumption that the demon in the novel is the man who is disfigured and hideous on the outside. While we view Victor Frankenstein as the handsome and caring victim, even though sometimes a monster can not be seen but heard. Looks can be deceiving but actions are always true. We first view Frankenstein's ignorance while he busy in his work. He had not visited …

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…it did not endure the violence of the change without torture such as you cannot even imagine"(238). The monster acts with more respectable and reasonable decisions than Victor does. He has a right for revenge. He has been abandoned, exiled, despised, and denied any form of happiness. He has wants and needs that any human desires; care, love, and friendship. Works Cited Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1993 Bibliography I like to golf.