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Frankenstein's Ill Fated Life Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, classically symbolizes the struggle between man and creature. The creature, created under selfish pretences, fights for acceptance by society, and his creator Frankenstein, in turn destroying the lives of others. Both left to live a dark, depressing life of seclusion, Frankenstein's existence with a healthy and sound mind is hopeless. The creature's descend into the hate of all mankind is a ever-present theme throughout this novel. Never …

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…yet it was forever imposed in his situation. The outcome of the creature was not the initial intension of Frankenstein. However, through evil deeds and wrongdoing tragedy was destined to strike. The life of Frankenstein was ill- fated from the begging of his plans to make a creation, Frankenstein lost his loved ones and never got the chance to live a life full of flourished goals and dreams. Rather a life of torture and self-destruction.