Frailty thy Name is Woman

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"Frailty thy Name is Woman" When Hamlet says "Frailty, thy name is woman" in act one, scene two, he is lashing out at his mother for her quick remarriage to his uncle after his fatherís death. His statement acts as an indicator of Hamletís perception of all women throughout the play. The men around them control both Gertrude and Ophelia in particular. The most notable frailty of both these women seems to be …

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…frailty seems to be an acquired, rather than a natural trait. Gertrudeís actions, however, could have been of a different motivation entirely. Shakespeare himself gives a poor representation himself of women as cunning creatures capable of independent thought or capable the strength of necessary to devise and execute a plot. The mindset of Hamlet may have been more a reflection of a general mindset during the time period of the play than conventional thinking.