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Play summary #1- One flew over the cuckoo's nest. Briefly Summarize the play.- It takes place in a mental institution where a new patient has just arrived. This patient ends up messing with everyone and creating chaos in the institution. Briefly Outline the Plot- R.P. McMurphy is a new patient at the mental institution, he is a charming devil, who wants to serve a very short sentence in the mental institution instead of …

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…pocket and writes "Mr. Mercer" a friend of the company. Characters Mr. Mercer- A traveler on a train, a successful person Mr. Barclay- Conductor of the train Mr. Morton- Porter on the train Key Line I think it would be the '"Mr. Mercer" a friend of the company.' line. Because it gives the whole story a bit of a twist, and opens up the story a bit more. Requirements- Scenery for a train.