Forest People

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Forest People Reaction Paper Turnbull's entrance into the Ituri forest was shunned by the villagers but not by the BaMbuti. When Turnbull first visited the BaMbuti, they accepted him because they knew that he would bring plenty of tobacco, palm wine, and many other luxuries. The BaMbuti also considered him the father of all children. I personally have no basis for questioning his objectivity because of the manner in which the whole tribe accepted and …

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…laughed at until the original problem is forgotten. It is clear to see that these free spirited people have many little quirks within their own sociocultural system. These have developed over time and have been reinforced through occurrence. The BaMbuti, children of the forest, hopefully maintain a boundary between them and the "outside" world. Their lifestyle is unique and one of great wonder for many people and should be appreciated for the time to come.