Flowers for Algernon

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Flowers for Algernon is a story about a failed scientific experiment. However, the radio play also deals with other issues such as love and friendship, medical ethics, tampering with human intelligence and the consequences, and conflict of interest. On one level Flowers for Algernon is about a scientific experiment that goes wrong. Charlie Gordon is a thirty seven year old man, who has an IQ of sixty-eight. Charlie wants, more than anything, "to be smart." …

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…that eather so im going somewhere where nobody knows that Charlie Gordon was once a genius and now he cant even reed a book or rite good." Ultimately, Flowers for Algernon is a radio play about a failed scientific experiment but so much more as well. It gives us an insight into many modern day problems as well as the problems faced by intellectually challenged members of society, and the pressure on them to conform.